Perfect guide to better sex & relationships. Discover best sex tips, tricks, techniques and vital advice on how to maximize pleasures & satisfactions.

Why Sexual Satisfaction is Vital for a Great Relationship?

Better Sex and Great Relationships
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Sex is sometimes an obsessive desire, sometimes a forceful need, but always the only common pleasure... Having sex is the nature's basic command and the most vital activity of the mankind, but also a natural and romantic way of expressing feelings between two people.
A great sex performance needs passion, intimacy, commitment… if your lover doesn't care about your sexual satisfaction, it's almost impossible to have a happy and lasting relationship. And a relationship without sexual satisfaction will always fail!

Amy's Tutorial - Reshape Your Womanhood!

Order Amy's Tutorial now, and instantly access to best tips, tricks, techniques, special positions, pro methods and vital advice on how to improve your sexual skills, maximize pleasures, satisfactions and happiness. You'll feel yourself sexy and confident like an expert, like a sex goddess!
Amy's better sex guide for sex goddesses
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Amy Guven is founder partner (photo) of since 2000 and the author of the famous Amy's Better Sex and Relationships Tutorial. Including all vital tips, techniques and pro methods of how to make great sex, and being highly successful as a reference book, Amy's Tutorial helps to build happy and lasting relationships in all over the world.
Amy's Better Sex and Relationships Tutorial
God created sex. Priests created marriage - Voltaire
Now, find out how to achieve both: great sex, and happy relationships and mariages!
But if you did not order Amy's Tutorial yet, listen to Woody Allen: Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful, provided you get between the right man and woman!
There are many aspects to consider if you truly want to improve your sexual skills and create a hotter and better sex life for both you and your partner. When finding the best sex guide that is right for you, here are some of the few things you should be looking out for:
» How to refresh your tired partner, or,
» How to make him quickly satisfied when you are too tired,
» How to turn that old, routine and mostly boring foreplay activities into exciting games,
» How to avoid premature ejaculations and achieve firmer erections,
» How to improve his semen - sperm taste to gourmet level,
» How to make the smell and the taste of her secretions more better,
» How your throat will give him a blow job that will blow his mind too,
» Many more reason to use mirror in your bedroom;
» How to stimulate one of his g-spot with your lubricated finger to orgasm him instantly,
» Simple tricks to make her achieve orgasm in every session;
» When he is about to ejaculate, where to touch to make him shoot off as fireworks,
» How to train your vaginal muscles to cheer up your partner's sex life,
» How to use your hand and fingers within the intercourse to excite him more,
» How to use toys, lubricants and different positions to maximize pleasures,
» How to use anal sex techniques to get best pleasures and satisfactions for both sides,
» How to convince your partner for your first swinging experience,
» The ideal position for deepest penetration (useful for pregnancy),
» Special positions for clitoral and/or g-spot stimulation to achieve faster orgasms,
» And Amy’s vital advice to help you build and maintain a great relationship forever.
Amy's better sex tips techniques positions guide
From Chapters...
Expertise in oral sex is the most desired skill to produce great pleasures and only few people really able to master this complex technique accurately, furthermore only rare experts can perform deepthroat effectively! Without doubt the ability of deepthroating is the biggest plus of oral sex performance, a high technique to prove, to certify the perfection of your skills.
But it's not easy to perform deepthroating, it needs accurate knowledge, practice and experience! Amy's deepthroating tips, techniques and pro methods of training will take you to master's level!
Semen - sperm is protein rich, low carb, nutritious... but how to make it delicious? It's almost 95% predigested protein which is the best and the most easily absorbed protein available in the nature, and contains very low calorie and carbohydrate (about 15 calories per ejaculate).
So knowing how semen - sperm is naturally healthy and nutritious, men might expect people lining up for the daily dose of this creamy, protein rich liquor vitae! Unfortunately, this is not the case for most of the time and according to surveys, the main reason of having a dislike is the foul, bitter, salty, acidic... taste of the semen - sperm!
Almost the same is valid for vaginal secretions and women have to be careful about the salty and acidic taste! Amy's Tutorial includes vital tips and practical advice on how to improve semen - sperm and vaginal secretions taste! Why don't you order now?
When performed with knowledge and accuracy, anal sex is a great pleasure, a tasty spice added to sexual activities. Pleasures of anal sex can be derived from many different ways but the right departure platform is: knowledge + lubricants + patience!
Ways of producing anal sex pleasures are explained in detail in Amy's Tutorial, order now and find out advanced techniques, special positions, pro methods and advice to maximize anal sex pleasures for both sides!
If properly located and efficiently stimulated, women and men's g-spots (Grafenberg Spots) are starters of great orgasms. Men are more lucky than women with 3 g-spots on easy locations, evidently men's orgasm and ejaculation ability is the nature's first priority!
For women having difficulty in achieving orgasm, g-spot stimulation may be a highly effective solution. Proper massage and combined stimulation of g-spots and sensitive genital area will generously help to create excellent pleasures and great orgasms. Learn pro methods of how to locate and stimulate women and men's g-spots and realize orgasmic explosions!
Amy's Tutorial  |  List of Chapters
Cleanliness: Special ways of being truly clean and sweet-smelling,
Training Pelvic Muscles: Easy techniques to improve your skills and maximize pleasures.
Dressing Sexier: Feel yourself great and start to arouse your lover at the first moment.
Role Playing: If you need a change sometimes, your lover may need the same!
Sexual Lubricants: Slippery roads towards sexual satisfaction are more safe!
Sex Toys: Bring your imagination to develop creative ways to play with any toy in the bed.
Manhood: Some special and vital information that you'll be happy to know about men!
G-Spots: How to find and rub the right button to warm and start the engine!
Masturbation & Erotic Massage: Tips, techniques and pro methods... practice mutually!
Hand and Foot Jobs: Quick and effortless but pleasureful, you can use all your fingers!
Oral Sex: The most demanded and appreciated sex technique of the history!
Deep Throat - The Bold + of Oral Sex: Special skill that needs knowledge, training...
Semen - Sperm Taste for Gourmets: The most nutritive fluid, but how to make it tasty?
The Irresistible Call of Tightness - Anal Sex: Ways to make it enjoyable for both parties!
Spicy Positions: No need to be a dancer or acrobat, only few touches will work great!
Two+one = Increased pleasures: In the field of group sex, more is better!
Women's Orgasm: Help her reach orgasm, and she will make you more than happy!
Advice for Relationships: For happy and lasting relationships, Amy's advice is vital!

Few Testimonials
Hi Amy, before your advice, I had trouble to keep my husband at home. Now his first priority is to come home right after the work, at once. We both are very happy, and it's fully grace of you. Thank you, yours,
Anne (From Montreal)
Amazing tutorial! I had no idea there was so much tricks! I like to impress the guy I'm with, and I learned very much. Amy is really serious about giving a guy great pleasure.
I even learned how to train my throat for deep throating. Thanks a lot!
Tina (from Chicago)
Your tutorial is great. It's not like many others "think you are sexy and you will, blah, blah!" I was looking for strict techniques of physical sexual contact to pleasure a man. And I found that!
Renata (from Rome, Italy)
Dear Amy, We have been married a little more than 60 years, and have practiced cunnilingus for nearly all that time, and I have been true to my wife since marriage. Long before I met her I had been initiated into cunnilingus by a former chorus girl in Ziegfield Follies, so we began cunnilingus quite early in our marriage. But I did not want to force her to perform fellatio, but waited, and one day when the children were at school she suddenly opened my fly, pulled out my penis, and performed her first fellatio. The ejaculation took her by surprise, and she swallowed most of the semen. Since then we have practiced both C & F, and the fellatio has slowly been getting more elaborate, but nothing to compare with the fine instructions and methods in your tutorial. We are looking forward to trying everything you recommend. With highest regards,
Talbot (From Miami)
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Women Orgasm tips and techniques
 4 practical techniques for women orgasms
Every woman has the right to achieve orgasm, satisfaction and happiness! If you are really concerned about her orgasm, Order Amy’s Tutorial now and learn Amy's 4 practical techniques to solve your woman's orgasm problem.
Erection disorders, erectile dysfunctions, Priapismic erection and impotence
 Beware of prolonged erections!
Prolonged, persistent and painful erections may cause permanent impotence if not urgently treated! Be informed about prolonged erections & impotence, and avoid being a victim.
Women Orgasm tips and techniques
 A lifelong membership to Members Palace
Amy's Members Palace is full of special files and articles as: Test your lover's color preference; Benefits of nutritious nuts; Home made lotions Grandma recipes; Women's lubrication difficulties.. and many more (new files are added frequently)

If sex is the only common pleasure of the humanity, why don't we make it great, full of pleasures and satisfactions? Explore Amy's advanced sex techniques and pro methods, and let her transform you into a great performer, a sex goddess!
Act now, make your order! Don't lose any more days, don't delay your happiness!

Although Amy's Tutorial is not pornographic, you may find some pictures explicit and offensive. If you are not 18 years + old please do not continue!
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Better Sex & Great Relationships
Reshape Your Womanhood!
Better sex and relationships guide

Amy's perfect guide to better sex and great relationships.
Discover how you can keep your partner satisfied and happy forever!

Best sex tips, tricks, advanced techniques and vital advice on
how to maximize pleasures, satisfactions and happiness.
Order Amy's Better Sex Tutorial Now.
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Amy's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
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P.S. Amy's Tutorial is an electronic download so you can get started right away! No Shipping, No Waiting! And we are sure you will agree that the price is inconsequential when compared to the emotional and physical costs of your struggle to find out happy relationships.
P.P.S. If you don't make your order right now, how will you learn all the tricks and techniques that you need to know to maximize pleasures, satisfactions and happiness? Remember you are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, send us an email within 90 days and we will issue you a full refund. You have nothing to lose by ordering "Amy's Tutorial", no matter what country you are in, discover better sex and improve your relationships today!
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